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AGELESS Throat Ionic Device

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This one of a kind skincare tool for your neck uses groundbreaking iontophoresis technology to provide anti-aging and corrective benefits - dramatically firming, lifting and smoothing your neck and décolletage. Designed to be used with AGELESS Throat Ionic Serum.


  • Battery-operated; no chords
  • Even, beautiful, smooth application
  • Lightweight
  • Perfectly sized for portability
  • Simple, safe and easy to use

Directions for Use

AGELESS Throat Ionic Device and AGELESS Throat Ionic Serum are to be used together for the best results.

  • Step 1: Start with clean skin. Apply AGELESS Throat Ionic Serum with gentle, upward strokes, from just above the bust area up to the top of the neck.
  • Step 2: Turn on device by moving indicator to the “+” setting. The device light will turn red.
  • Step 3: Holding handle, slowly apply device’s flat paddle over your dry neck area for 1 minute , working from the base of the neck to the top of the jawline. Be careful not to pull or tug.
  • Step 4: When finished, shut off device by moving indicator to “0” setting.
  • Step 5: Clean device paddle by wiping with a dry cloth or tissue.

*Note: The ( - ) setting on device is used with only cleansing products. At this time these products have not yet launched. 

Battery Instructions

The device will be packed with a plastic safety tab. Before first time usage, slide open tray at the bottom of device’s handle and remove the clear plastic tab to allow battery to make contact and work properly. Make sure to line up the “+” sign on the battery to the “+” sign in the device tray. The “+” on the battery should be facing down into the tray. Once placed in tray, slide tray closed. To replace battery, slide tray open, remove old battery and replace with new battery in the same method as mentioned above. Battery (2032 3V Lithium) included. NOTE: If on “+” setting and the light is green, your battery is upside down. Turn it around and reposition it.

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