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  • Yoga expert Hannah Barrett is offering advice on how to alleviate the signs of tech neck and help prevent future strain on this delicate area, with a seven step neck yoga routine. 

    Hannah says; “The number of women experiencing ‘tech neck’ is unsurprising when we consider how many times a day, we’re all currently looking down at our devices.  Its important to care for our necks and posture where we can, which is why I’ve produced a neck yoga routine, to help alleviate tech neck.” 

    1. THE WARM-UP
    • Start by closing the eyes and taking five deep and slow grounding breaths, feeling the body start to relax.
    • Whilst tuning into your breath, using your PRAI Ageless Throat & Decolletage Serum with rollerball head, start to massage the neck and décolletage area using gentle upward strokes.
    • This helps warm the skin, get the blood flowing and helps with lymphatic drainage.
    • This works on strengthening the deep neck flexor muscles to help with good head alignment and reduces overloading your larger neck muscles, such as the upper trapezius muscles.
    • Start by doing this lying down - this is because it brings the focus to the deep neck flexors and takes away the need for the anti-gravity postural muscles (the more superficial neck muscles) which need to be active when you’re upright.
    • Gently nod your chin down towards your neck and hold it as if you are trying to hold a peach under your chin for five seconds. Repeat ten times. Place your fingers on the large muscles either side of your windpipe. It’s a very small movement, if you are doing the exercise correctly you shouldn’t feel these muscles tighten and stick out.
    • Once you’ve got used to the exercise, you can repeat this exercise standing with your back and head against the wall, keeping a neutral spine.
    • Slowly inhale and as you exhale mindfully turn your head over your right shoulder, feeling a gentle stretch to the neck
    • Inhale back to centre and repeat on the left.
    • Inhale back to centre and exhale lifting the chin, gently gazing up.
    • Inhale back to centre and exhale gently lowering the chin gazing down.
    • Repeat three times.
    • Now inhale and gently roll the shoulders up towards the ears and exhale as you slowly draw them down and back. Repeat 5 times moving slowly and mindfully.
    • With a 90-degree bend in the arms, raise the arms so the elbows are in line with the shoulders (“cactus arms”). Gently squeeze the shoulder blades together, opening through the heart.
    • Inhale and draw a line with your nose to the sky.
    • Stay here and make exaggerated (“MWAH”) kissing sounds with your mouth (taking 5-10 kisses), opening the mouth wide and feeling a nice stretch along the front of your neck.
    • To release, exhale the head back down, release the arms and take a deep breath out through the mouth.
    1. THE ‘O’
    • Make your hand into a fist and place this fist underneath the chin.
    • Open your mouth into the shape of an ‘O’ covering your teeth with your lips.
    • Gently press your chin into your fist and your fist into your chin.
    • Exhale and close the mouth, keeping the fist underneath the chin.
    • Inhale to open and repeat.
    • Repeat five times.
    1. THE SIT UP
    • Bring your hands to hold each collarbone.
    • Cover your teeth with your lips and smile the corners of your mouth upwards.
    • Inhale and slowly draw a line up to the sky with your nose.
    • Exhale and bring your face slowly back down.
    • Repeat five times.
    • Taking your PRAI beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme, gently begin to massage it into the throat and décolletage area using gentle upwards strokes.
    • This helps to release any tension from the strengthening exercises.