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24K GOLD Glow Mask
24K Gold

If you have a few spare minutes, then you have time for this radiance-boosting beauty treatment.  Designed to maintain skin's own natural moisture level, it's perfect for dry skin and helps visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  So sit back, indulge in this mask and get your glow on.  


24K GOLD Precious Oil Drops
24K Gold

Nourishes skin, leaving you hydrated and refreshed. Apply as desired.


24K GOLD Wrinkle Repair Creme
24K Gold

This powerful creme is created with 24K gold, precious metals and super peptides, NULASTIC Silk and SYN-COLL™, to synthesize optimal functionality for cell turnover and collagen renewal.  You won’t believe your eyes when you look in the mirror! 

From £29.99

BLACK ORCHID Youth Activating Luxe Creme
Black Orchid

This luscious balm adds rich hydration to the transformative anti-aging benefits of Collageneer® and Epigenomyl®, helping promote and enhance a younger, more radiant appearance to aging skin.


BLACK ORCHID Youth Activating Luxe Serum
Black Orchid

Our plant-based serum, infused with Collageneer®,  Epigenomyl® and Black Orchid Extract, targets all your skin’s visible signs of aging, benefiting its collagen and elastin, affecting its resilience, smoothing, wrinkle relief and clarity.   Skin appears more radiant and experiences a return to a younger look.


BLACK ORCHID Youth Activating Oil
Black Orchid

Our innovative 3-layer oil has been designed to help key transformative and hydrating ingredients permeate deeply within the epidermal layers to restore and reactivate aging skin’s youthful appearance.


HYALURONIC SPRAY with Blue Light Defense

BEAUTY ALERT: Blue light emitted by electronic devices ages skin!  We all spend too much time in the damaging blue light put out by our mobile phones, iPads and computers. 


PLATINUM Firm & Lift Creme

This luxurious creme firms with one of Earth’s most coveted precious metals, Platinum and PRAI’s legendary PRAI Extract to aid in restoring and moisturizing skin – giving a more sculpted and defined appearance.

From £29.99

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